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UFC 261 video: Embedded, part 2 - ‘It’s all about finding your rhythm’

Check out the second episode of Embedded for UFC 261.

UFC 261 is almost here, and as usual, Embedded is here as well. The show that gives you an inside look at the marquee contestants on PPVs has issued the second episode for this weekend’s big show in Jacksonville, and it serves as a brief introduction to the fighters at the top of the card.

We start off at Rose Namajunas’ house. They are leaving for Florida a bit early due to a possible snowstorm. Chico Camus is there, talking up Rose.

Down in Florida at the fighter hotel, Weili Zhang is doing some work in her room. Her coach talks about Covid bringing their team closer together. They give Rose major props, and they’re thankful to get two fighters in their primes to meet at the right time.

Back in Colorado at Kamaru Usman’s house. He gets his head shaved so no one can make fun of him about his receding hairline. He’s also leaving earlier due to the snowstorm.

Back to Jacksonville, with Valentina Shevchenko this time. Her sister is there with her, as always. Camps don’t change much for her, since they’ve always been successful, but she has traveled and worked with different training partners.

Back in Weili’s room. Her coach mentions that the hardest thing for a fighter is controlling themselves, and he praises Zhang’s ability to do that.

Usman arrives at the Jacksonville airport. He talks to some potential Marines at the airport and gives them a pep talk, before discussing his family’s military roots. Very cool thing to do.

And that’s it! UFC 261 goes down this Saturday night in Florida.