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Dana White blames Sean Shelby for UFC shoving injury: He ‘missed that one’

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Dana White wasn’t happy about how Sean Shelby handled the face-off between Jeremy Stephens and Drakkar Klose.

Jeremy Stephens injured Drakkar Klose in April
Dana White blames UFC VP and matchmaker Sean Shelby for the weigh-in incident between Jeremy Stephens and Drakkar Klose.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

In an unlikely turn of events, Saturday’s supposed co-main event between Jeremy Stephens and Drakkar Klose was called off last-minute. Stephens shoved Klose so hard during their face-off at the weigh-ins, that it caused an injury on the latter.

Normally, UFC president Dana White would be the man in the middle during these face-offs to make sure that things don’t go out of hand. But during the time of the incident, VP and matchmaker Sean Shelby was tasked to hold the fort.

Seeing how things unfolded, White was quick to criticize Shelby for how the situation was handled.

“Sean Shelby missed that one. Sean and I see the thing differently. I saw it on social media and called him immediately,” White told TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter in an interview on Monday.

“I was at my daughter’s… I was in Orlando at the ESPN cheerleading competition. I saw the thing happen on social media and I called Sean, and I was, like, ‘Dude, where was your head on that one?’ He was coming in hot, and it’s Jeremy Stephens, he’s a savage.

“We’re not standing there to look good and take pictures. We’re there to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

White did not confirm whether or not the matchup will be re-booked.