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Jon Jones and Dana White troll fans with Francis Ngannou fight announcement

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I hate this “holiday.”

Jon Jones tweeted about his very public and high profile negotiations with the UFC, seemingly announcing that the Francis Ngannou bout is finally on.

“I just had a great dinner and the best conversation I’ve had with Dana and a very long time, we got the deal done. Date to be announced soon,” Jones wrote.

Jones got a lot of fans excited, but while April Fool’s was already over for most parts of the world, they decided to join in really late. Apparently, it was still technically before midnight in his hometown at the time.

While Jones did get a good laugh from this, I guess it also reveals that the reality of the situation still hasn’t changed for him despite his efforts to make details of negotiations very public.

Jones has previously stated that $8-10 million is “way too low,” as that would only represent a very small part of the pie from that massive bout that will make the UFC a lot of money. He also revealed that he previously just got around $2 million a fight throughout his title reign in his 20’s. For his part, Ngannou seems to side with Jones, saying he should be next and that a “mega-fight” deserves “mega-pay”

UFC President Dana White has since joined in with a response.