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Mike Perry leaks Jake Paul sparring footage, hits back over ‘light work’ comment

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Mike Perry called out ‘spoiled brat’ Jake Paul.

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After Jake Paul impressed a few people this weekend with a novice boxing demonstration that was more than enough to handle retired MMA pro Ben Askren, talk has moved to who the celebrity should fight next.

After UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier suggested fellow UFCer Mike Perry, Paul responded with an insult aimed towards ‘Platinum’, before calling out ‘Diamond’ (we think).

“He was light work,” wrote Paul. “In his own words ‘you kicked my ass’. I want to see Jake Paul vs. Dustin Prober.”

Paul also shared footage from a sparring session with Perry in which the pro MMA fighter says, “Good job man. You kicked my ass.”

Perry has now fired back online. He uploaded a short clip to Instagram showing this now famous sparring session. Perry accompanied the video with a length caption, calling out Paul for being a “spoiled brat”.

The only clip we got. Go ahead and post some @jakepaul , I took your best shots and walked you down all day. We all know I’m not hard to hit but I’m gonna focus on that now. You know there was no danger in boxing a wrestler last night and you gave me a chance to punch you in the face (and I did) and I respected it but you mistook that and that’s my fault. I show up with my girl and baby so I don’t bring drama. I show up and fight. I was a fan after you sparred me. You showed heart and you’re already successful and you seemed to have a strong team (power in numbers) but you’re a spoiled brat and I’m rich in life. You’re broke with a bunch of fake yes men around you that you pay for. I don’t fuck with nobody and all the money in the world can’t make you real like me.

Perry loss to Daniel Rodriguez last week dropped his UFC record to 7-8 (14-8 overall). He’s lost four of his last five contests and recently questioned where he goes from here in the world of pro MMA.

Perry is a controversial figure in the sport. Last year he was accused of domestic violence by his former fiancee. Perry has also been accused of making racist remarks. Last Perry was captured on video striking an older man at a restaurant in Texas. In January Perry uploaded a video in which he appeared to be drunk and bleeding from a serious wound on his ankle. In that video Perry also shared the image of a door with a shattered glass panel.