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Jake Paul uses Mike Perry’s own words in sparring video to shoot down possible fight

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Dustin Poirier suggested that Jake Paul should fight Mike Perry, but Paul used a training video and Perry’s own words to shoot that down.

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Jake Paul is on top of the world right now. Last night he backed up his bravado, putting Ben Askren down and out inside of a round at Triller Fight Club’s latest event in Atlanta. As expected, a bunch of fighters called out Paul following his win, likely looking for the same lucrative payday Askren took home. And to beat up a loudmouth combat sports interloper.

One top UFC fighter took to social media as well to suggest a fight, but it wasn’t with himself. Dustin Poirier, while responding to UFC play-by-play guy Jon Anik, wants to see Jake box a divisive UFC fighter who sparred with Paul in the lead-up to the Askren matchup - Mike Perry.

Paul, as he usually does, responded to the callout. But he did it in a rather unique way - he posted a sparring session video between himself and Perry where Perry actually says “you kicked my ass” to him. And then calls out Poirier in the process:

I hate to admit this, but that’s a pretty good response. Paul doesn’t know who he wants to fight next as of yet, but there are no shortage of options for the 24-year-old. Paul moved to 3-0 as a pro boxer with the KO win over Askren.