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Video: Ringside camera angle shows off Jake Paul’s devastating KO of Ben Askren

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Paul scored the best win of his fledgling combat sports career last night.

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Those who were hoping Ben Askren would be able to banish Jake Paul from the realm of combat sports are sorrily disappointed this morning. The brash YouTuber, who was accused of sexual assault in the lead up to last night’s fight, got the W at Triller Fight Club by TKOing Askren inside the first round.

The win wasn’t a great shock to fight game pundits, who—though admirers of Askren’s wrestling pedigree and achievements in Bellator and ONE—knew that ‘Funky’ is not a high-level striker.

Paul, though a boxing neophyte, is younger and stronger than Askren and his short time studying boxing seems to have resulted in a pugilistic skill set that’s better than that of the recently retired Askren.

Proof of this can be found in the highlights from the fight. One of which, that was captured at ringside, really shows off the brutal nature of the strike that ended Askren’s night.

SportsCenter snatched the vid and tweeted it out for more to see:

After the fight Askren said he felt embarrassed by losing to Paul. He apologized for letting the world down, but let us all know he was going home with the biggest payday of his career.

Paul and Triller will move onto the next spectacle. And there’s no shortage of potential opponents who are eager to knock this influencer’s block off.