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Report: Jake Paul vs Ben Askren had almost seven times more Google searches than Wrestlemania 37

Ratings wiz Dave Meltzer reports that Paul vs. Askren was a huge hit online.

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We have no idea how many people watched Paul vs. Askren last night or how much it made, yet. However, if our own site’s traffic is anything to go by, Triller and Paul had one heck of a profitable evening at the expense of Ben Askren.

And rating wiz Dave Meltzer is also high on how the latest edition of Triller Fight Club might have fared at the box office. He looked at one of his go-to metrics and discovered that Paul vs. Askren was outpacing the WWE’s biggest show of the year by millions.

“This number may get larger, but the Triller show thus far hit 5.2 million searches. For a comparison, both days of Mania combined was 750,000.”

Wrestlemania 37, which went down last weekend, aired on NBC’s Peacock platform. Though ratings for the show have not been released, Peacock reps have told Variety that the two-night event drove a large influx in new Peacock subscribers.

According to Variety Wrestlemania 37, which happened in front of two crowds of 25,675 in Tampa, FL, performed well — based on the metrics they were provided by WWE.

“... the event also saw a record 1.1 billion video views across their various video and social media channels, marking a 14% increase year-over-year. WWE content also saw a record 115 million engagement on social media during the week of WrestleMania, a 102% increase, and boasted 71 Twitter trends alone between Saturday and Sunday night. In addition, on-site merchandise sales were said to be the highest per capita in WWE history.”

Based on these numbers it’s hard to extrapolate just how well Paul vs. Askren did. But it’s safe to say it was a success. Expect Triller to release some vague numbers today to reflect that. Their last show, which included Paul but was headlined by Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr., reportedly sold over one million pay-per-views, which would rank it highly on the list of best selling combat sports events of all time.