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Logan Paul calls Ben Askren a ‘GENIUS’ after KO loss to Jake Paul

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Paul the Elder complimented Ben Askren after he lost to his little brother Jake.

Last night Jake Paul shocked very few people in knocking out Ben Askren, a world calibre wrestler and former MMA champion who never really impressed with his striking acumen. Aslren now faces ridicule for the result, which he said is totally “deserved”.

However, one person who thinks Askren deserves to hold his head high is Paul’ s older brother Logan Paul.

ben askren came on my podcast and said he was a genius. at first i doubted him. but after convincing the world he had a chance of beating jake, exploding on social media, and collecting a massive bag, even though he lost... that man WON. GENIUS

The ‘massive bag’, according to Askren, contains something close to $1 million. If true that amount is a massive improvement on any purse Askren has received in his long combat sports career.

Like his younger brother, Paul is also dabbling in the world of pro boxing. He has an 0-1 pro record, earned from a decision loss to fellow YouTuber KSI. Paul was scheduled to take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition bout this year. However that event has been postponed and possibly canceled.

With another successful Paul Brother event in the books, you can expect to see both Jake and Logan around a boxing ring for a little longer than the 15 minutes you might have been hoping for.