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LOL — Paul vs Askren video: Redkach stretchered out after phantom low blow

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That was very weird.

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The Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren co-main event ended in very weird fashion, which I guess was fitting for the type of over the top show they’re trying to put on.

Ivan Redkach was thoroughly getting picked apart by Regis Prograis in their boxing match, but the fight ended bizarrely. Prograis threw a body shot, and Redkach dropped down and started squirming as if he was hit with a very brutal low blow.

Replays repeatedly showed that the punch was to the side of his body, but Redkach just remained on the ground and sold it hard. He was even stretchered out of the ring.

Unfortunately for him, despite the theatrics on the phantom low blow, the fight still went to a technical decision. Redkach avoided getting a further beating, but he still lost.

Regis Prograis vs. Ivan Redkach - Round 6

Double body shot by Prograis. Jab and then a hook by Prograis. Redkach getting ripped to shreds to the body and Prograis is starting to drill him. Big left hand. He’s closed the distance and is looking for the finish. BODY SHOT KNOCKDOWN! Prograis sends Redkach down and he is double over in pain! It is DONE!

WAIT WHAT?! Ref says it’s a low blow! WHAT! And now it’s over because Redkach can’t continue.

Official result: Regis Prograis def. Ivan Redkach by technical decision (60-54, 60-54, 59-54)

Redkach was also previously involved in controversy, when he bit Danny Garcia on his fight in New York.

Watch highlights and check out photos of the weird end to the fight.