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Paul vs Askren video: Former UFC champ Frank Mir loses boxing debut to Steve Cunningham

Watch video from Frank Mir’s boxing debut.

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Frank Mir made his professional boxing debut on the undercard of the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren PPV. The former UFC champion, who mainly has a background in grappling, took on former cruiserweight boxing champion Steve Cunningham in the cross-over bout. Mir enjoyed a 70 lb weight advantage, and the big heavyweights actually made all six rounds and went to a decision.

No knockdowns were landed, and in the end, it was it was the boxer who beat the MMA fighter by decision.

Watch highlights of the bout, along with a snippet of our play-by-play of the event below:

Steve Cunningham vs. Frank Mir - Round 6 (Final Round)

Mir trying to bully Cunningham and use his big weight advantage. Cunningham with a nice combo against the ropes. De La Hoya is yelling and I might need new headphones at this rate. Mir just misses with a right hand and then takes a left hook. Jab by Cunningham. Mir is trying. I’ll give him that. Mir’s eye is swelling a bit. Final seconds as Mir goes to the body. He clearly will lose this but he goes the distance. 59-55 Cunningham.

Official result: Steve Cunningham def. Frank Mir by unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 58-56)