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Pics: Nick Diaz looks to be in phenomenal shape

Nick Diaz looks lean and mean, months after his manager talked up a 2021 return to the cage.

Diaz Brothers Body Language Breakdown

It’s been over six years since we last saw Nick Diaz compete in the Octagon. At UFC 183 the fan favourite took former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva the distance, losing—on the night—by unanimous decision. However, that fight was later ruled a no contest after Silva tested positive for two steroids and Diaz tested positive for marijuana.

For much of the time since then all things were quiet on the Stockton Front, with regards to the elder Diaz brother. Although, last year there were rumblings that Diaz would be making a return to fighting.

In September Diaz completed a 14-week training program that his manager Kevin Mubenga said was geared to preparing Diaz for a 2021 comeback fight. In December Mubenga said he was 99.999 percent sure that Diaz and the UFC would finalise a deal that would see Diaz fight this year.

However, UFC President Dana White poured cold water on that idea saying that he didn’t “think anybody should want to see Nick Diaz fight.” Despite that comment the UFC has seemingly not released Diaz from his contract.

A couple of days ago Diaz posted some pictures on Twitter that show the former Strikeforce champ is certainly in fighting shape. Under the captions ‘Never not working’ and ‘Be Water’, Diaz shared images of him looking cut on his bike and in the pool.

In these shots Diaz appears to be training for a triathlon, something that has long been a passion of the Diaz brothers alongside their commitment to martial arts. But is this display of discipline and fitness also a teaser from Diaz about a potential return to fighting?

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

As it stands right now, 2021 is due to see the return of the younger Diaz brother. Nate Diaz is currently booked to face Leon Edwards at UFC 262 on May 15,