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Diplo set for boxing debut in June, will call out opponent in Jake Paul vs Ben Askren event

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World renowned DJ and producer Diplo, will make his boxing debut with Triller.

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The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Premiere Ceremony
Skrillex and Diplo (right), won Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 58th GRAMMY Awards
Photo by Mike Windle/WireImage

As the celebrity boxing trend continues, one of the world’s most famous and accomplished DJs will also be stepping in the ring soon.

Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, is reportedly set to make his boxing debut on June 5, in Miami, Florida. He is scheduled to perform at Saturday’s Jake Paul vs Ben Askren event, where he is also expected to make everything official and call out his opponent.

“He came to us and said he really wants to fight,” Triller owner Ryan Kavanaugh told Rolling Stone. “We have a good relationship with him and we said, ‘Why don’t you come to this event and play a little and then call out an opponent for the next event?’ Hopefully that opponent answers back. It was pretty much that simple.”

Diplo, a three-time Grammy award winner, is 42-years-old and doesn’t really have a prior combat sports background. According to Mike Bohn, the opponent is rumored to be 24-year-old rapper 6ix9ine.

Here’s a clip of Diplo sparring and having a playful session with his boxing trainer: