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Askren vs Paul live stream: Real-time results, radio-style Triller PPV fight updates

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We’ve purchased the pay-per-view (PPV) and with it our dynamic tag team duo, Matt Ryan and Harry Terjanian, will deliver the best possible “radio style” play-by-play broadcast imaginable throughout the “Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren”-led main card, starting at 8:45 p.m. ET in the video player below!

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Tonight, April 17th., 2021, Ben Askren – the man who went from the most dominant welterweight to never fight in the UFC to the dude who got clowned in front of Lemmy and everybody when Jorge “Bathrobe” Masvidal kneed his head into another voting district, takes on Jake Paul.

The Vine star, turned Disney star, turned YouTube and Digital Marketing succubus, is not that great of a human being. In the same way that Tucker Carlson, Joel Osteen, and other cult of personality figures have curated this image and identity to market specifically to a lucrative demographic, Paul has done that with young kids via his YouTube channel. Writing terrible rap songs, a fake marriage to fellow carny Tana Mongeau (who ran a very FYRE style convention when people still went to things), that whole thing with the Tik Tok influencer that came out last week, the whole documentary series about whether or not he is a sociopath and copping to having EARLY STAGES OF CTE is all kinda just small doses of who Jake Paul is.

All that aside, who doesn’t love freak fights, the Black Keys, and carny nonsense? Which is all a part of this event tonight that Matt Ryan will be calling from the studio. We hope you join him on our Combat Culture YouTube Live Stream because this could go really well or really bad… i.e.: Frank Mir is boxing… BOXING.

Join us live tonight and please prepare yourself for whatever this is.

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