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Zarah Fairn’s ridiculous weight miss gets UFC Vegas 24 fight cancelled

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You know you’ve goofed when you miss the next weight class above you.

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UFC bantamweight Zarah Fairn dos Santos will no longer be fighting Josiane Nunes at tomorrow’s UFC Vegas 24 card.

We’ve had fights cancelled due to bad weight misses but very rarely are they as egregious as what Fairn managed.

The non-title bantamweight limit is 136 lbs. They moved this to a catchweight of 139 lbs before the weigh-ins began. Fairn came in at a whopping 147 lbs, which is 11-pounds over. Considering she’s fought at featherweight before, she’s heavy for that weight class too.

For obvious reasons, Fairn vs. Nunes is off.

This is one of the larger weight misses in UFC history but it’s not even the worst one in 2021. A couple of months ago, Rafael Alves tipped the scales at 157.5 lbs for a featherweight bout vs. Pat Sabatini. The commission nixed that bout but Alves did get to keep his spot on the roster.

Fairn is 0-2 in the UFC and this was her first attempt at bantamweight in the promotion. Even the bumped up catchweight proved too much. One can only assume it’ll be her last and that the two losses may send here elsewhere.

You can see the full weigh-in results here. Tracy Cortez also missed weight but she was off by just .5 lbs and will forfeit some of her purse to Justine Kish.