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CFFC fighter with detached finger has fight result overturned to No Decision

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Khetag Pliev no longer has a loss to Devin Goodale on his record.

Khetag Pliev, fighter who nearly lost a finger at CFFC 94 in April.
Khetag Pliev, fighter who nearly lost a finger at CFFC 94 in April.
Photo by Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

We have a positive update regarding Khetag Pliev, the Cage Fury Fighting Championships fighter that appeared to lose a finger in his fight against Devin Goodale at CFFC 94 earlier this month.

What was initially a technical knockout loss on his professional record is now a No Decision after the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission (PSAC) reviewed the footage and consulted with necessary parties to determine the change. Greg Sirb, who is the executive director of the PSAC, confirmed the change in a statement received by John Morgan of MMA Junkie.

“Upon extensive review of all the videos, talking with the referee and physicians cornering the bout and discussions held with both fighters, I have determined to change the official decision of this bout to a NO DECISION,” wrote Sirb.

Pliev now sees his professional record return to 5-1, with the only loss still accounted for being a unanimous decision to Vitaliy Nemchinov at ACA 91 in 2019.

Pliev suffered the gruesome injury in the first round of the fight after blocking a left high kick from Goodale. It was clear something was wrong following that exchange as Pliev immediately started to adjust his glove in what could be seen as an attempt to set his finger. The former Olympic wrestler fought through the pain for the rest of the round and kept mum on the injury to continue on in the fight.

The second round saw Pliev secure a takedown against Goodale, who responded by grabbing the inside of his opponent’s glove and pulling on it. The already injured finger would then be pulled all the way back inside of the glove of Pliev, which gave the illusion of it being completely detached from his hand. That was not the case, and Pliev underwent surgery to reattach the finger just a few hours later.

Because of those fouls committed by Goodale, Pliev and his team wanted the result overturned to a disqualification. In an interview with Mike Heck of MMA Fighting, Joey Patterson — the coach of Pliev — explained why they believed that would be the best outcome in this situation.

“What we’re going to do is appeal the decision because it should be a disqualification,” said Patterson. “That’s what it should be because you’re not allowed to pull on the glove. In MMA, that’s a no-no and if you see the video, even the announcers are saying he had his hands inside of his gloves. He literally hooked inside of the glove and was pulling and caused his finger to get lodged in there.”

Pliev has since put the unfortunate fight ending behind him and resumed training shortly after surgery. He still hopes to secure a UFC contract one day.