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‘He’s just another Mike Perry’ - Daniel Rodriguez wants UFC legend Robbie Lawler next

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After a dominant win over Mike Perry over the weekend at UFC Vegas 23, Daniel Rodriguez wants a former champion for his next fight.

On Saturday, at UFC Vegas 23, welterweight Daniel Rodriguez scored a dominant win over Mike Perry. “D-Rod” led the striking exchanges against “Platinum,” en route to a unanimous decision victory.

As he climbs up the UFC’s 170-pound ladder, the 34-year-old competitor rightly wants bigger-named opponents moving forward. So when a TMZ reporter suggested a possible matchup against former champion Robbie Lawler, Rodriguez immediately welcomed the idea.

“That would be a banger,” he said. “That would be perfect. He’s a heavy hitter, I’m a heavy hitter. Veteran big name, that would be perfect for me.”

Lawler rose to prominence for his fierce, tenacious fighting style. We’ve all seen it in his memorable battles with Rory MacDonald, Johny Hendricks, and Carlos Condit, to name a few.

When asked if he was intimidated by it, Rodriguez had this to say.

“He’s just another Mike Perry. I’mma make him look like Mike Perry.”

In the same interview, Rodriguez talked about putting up a “200-0” record in street fights and jail fights combined.

“If you count all the jail fights and shit, too, yeah. Have you ever been in a fight in a jail cell? It’s crazy.

“(In MMA), there’s a referee in there. There’s somebody to stop (the fight). I’ve been in situations where ain’t nobody gonna stop it. It’s Kill Bill over here.

“Ain’t nobody ever put their hands on me.”

As far as his professional record goes, Rodriguez is at 14-2.