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Ben Askren offers to choke out Jake Paul if fans pay him via GoFundMe

“If the number’s bigger than my purse, maybe I’ll do it.”

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Ben Askren has offered to submit Jake Paul with a guillotine choke if fans pay him via GoFundMe.

There’s just one condition: the donations will have to surpass his fight purse, which ‘Funky’ claims is the biggest payday of his career.

“One of you guys can start a GoFundMe – how much would you give me to choke Jake Paul out with a guillotine? If the number’s bigger than my purse, maybe I’ll do it,” Askren joked during the open workouts (h/t The Mirror).

For what it’s worth, UFC middleweight Darren Till is also open to the idea.

Askren is surprised he has been written off by so many MMA fighters and claims that he doesn’t need more than three months of training in boxing to beat an ‘amateur’ like Paul.

“Boxing, obviously it’s different, but I told someone the other day that I’m really good at athletics. I wanted to be a really great wrestler. I won NCAA titles and made the Olympics. I wanted to be a good mixed martial artist. I won multiple belts in multiple organizations. If I want to beat up an amateur boxer, it ain’t gonna take me more than three months of training to do so,” the former ONE FC and Bellator welterweight champion said.

Paul said that Askren would forfeit his fight purse if he tried shooting for takedowns but, according to MMA Fighting, the latter is still eligible to receive full pay even if he gets disqualified for trying MMA moves.

Askren vs. Paul will headline the Triller Fight Club PPV on Saturday, April 17 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.