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Ben Askren open to more ‘stupid celebrity boxing’ matches after Jake Paul fight

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Ben Askren might do a couple more celebrity boxing matches in the future.

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Ben Askren’s ‘stupid celebrity boxing match’ with Jake Paul might not be a one off.

‘Funky’ revealed at the Triller pre-fight press conference that he is open to a couple more celebrity fights after he takes cares of business against Paul on April 17.

“I’m not going to do three boxing matches a year or anything. But, if I call out some other dope YouTuber and will fight him next year, yeah. I’m not going to do 20 of them but I might do two or three more,” Askren told in a recent interview.

Askren was initially interested in fighting Jake’s older brother Logan Paul next, but that was before he found out the YouTuber is 0-2 against KSI.

“I said this the other day and someone told me he’s 0-2 at boxing, I said no, I didn’t know, I had no idea,” he said. “I just figured he would’ve been 2-0 because he would’ve picked some sucky guy, as his brother did. Apparently, he’s 0-2.”

Askren vs. Paul takes place this Saturday, April 17 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.