Bowls, Beers, and Brawls Episode 11 (Did I nod off?)

With a brand new week, comes a brand new episode of Bowls, Beers, and Brawls. Included in this weeks episode:

• UFC Vegas23 Recap

• UFC Vegas24 Quick Picks

Phil Baroni gets 2 minutes for roughing

• Bader vs Machida 2. Is it time for the dragon to retire?

Brian Kelleher earns Honorary Canadian status

• In B's Brew, I review a Cosmos Dry Hopped Sour beer from Sookrams Brewing Company

• Smoking on some Apple Pie sativa

• Bowls, Beers, and Brawls.... Now with some professionalism. (Kinda)

Grab your pipe, pour a bevy, and come join my craziness

Bowls,Beers,and Brawls Ep.11 (Did I nod off?)

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