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‘Ghosted’ - Poirier says McGregor never donated to his charity after TKO loss; Conor responds

Conor McGregor never pushed through with his promise to donate to Dustin Poirier’s foundation.

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Prior to their rematch at UFC 257, one of the bigger pieces of news to come out is that Conor McGregor’s team announced that they would be making a $500,000 donation to Dustin Poirier’s “The Good Fight Foundation.”

McGregor lost by TKO that night, and almost three months later, Poirier says the promised donation just never came. “The Diamond” says his foundation reached out multiple times, but McGregor’s team just stopped responding.

Ahead of their trilogy at UFC 264 in July, Poirier decided to take things public.

McGregor has since responded, which also confirmed that he never pushed through with the donation.

The idea of donating $500,000 was first brought up by McGregor in September 2020, before the UFC got involved and made that planned charity bout into an official bout at UFC 257.

Among other things, Poirier’s non-profit organization normally helps underserved communities in his home state of Louisiana tackle food insecurity, health care, and environmental disaster relief. Poirier typically auctions his fight kits and other UFC memorabilia from each fight to achieve specific goals, such as the time they built water wells at an orphanage and a school in Uganda.

Most recently, he auctioned the fight kit he wore on the McGregor fight for $26,200, with proceeds going to help The Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana’s “project learn” with tutoring and safe transportation during the pandemic.