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UFC Vegas 23 results: Marvin Vettori grinds out Kevin Holland in shutout decision win

Marvin Vettori just took a grinding decision over Kevin Holland in the UFC Vegas 23 min event.

In the UFC Vegas 23 main event, the promotion’s #6 ranked, Marvin Vettori, took a grapple-heavy decision over the #10 ranked, Kevin Holland. Vettori set the UFC middleweight record for takedowns with 11 total, and spent a lot of time in top position. This makes five-straight wins for Vettori, who is steadily climbing his way to a title shot.

Holland kicked Vettori right in the groin within the first 30-seconds of the fight. Vettori took some time to recover and Holland received a hard warning from the referee. The fight got back underway and Holland landed some speedy punches to the face. Vettori responded by clinching up and trying to force the fight to the floor, but Holland’s takedown defense held up. In open space, Holland was the quicker striker, but Vettori was able to eventually get the fight to the ground. Holland hit a gorgeous sweep to get back to his feet, but Vettori blasted him with a flurry.

Holland came out in the second act looking to throw his hands again, but Vettori hit the takedown and solidified top position. Vettori dropped ground strikes as Holland was stuck below him. The moment Holland did stand to his feet, Vettori scooped him up and brought him right back down to the mat. Holland left this round with his left eye beginning to swell shut.

The third act witnessed Vettori return to his wrestling and ground attack. Once the fight hit the ground, Vettori maintained control and even locked up an arm triangle at one point. Holland kept fighting, and kept trying to improve his position, but the grappling of Vettori was smothering.

Holland started hot in the fourth frame. He peppered Vettori, but then quickly found himself on his back yet again. When Holland finally got up, Vettori took him right back down. Vettori attacked with an arm triangle again, but bailed on it in lieu of control. Holland violently attacked Vettori to start the last round, but the takedown was looming. Vettori took top position again, and refused to give Holland any space.

Marvin Vettori def. Kevin Holland by unanimous decision (50-44 x3): Middleweight