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Graphic: Fighter literally loses finger in one of the grossest scenes in MMA history

Khetag Pliev lost his CFFC 94 fight against Devin Goodale by losing his finger.

Khetag Pliev could not continue into round three of his CFFC fight due to a severed finger.
UFC Fight Pass screenshot

(Warning: Graphic image in this post of one of the worst things to ever occur in an MMA fight)

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in MMA, something new and gross comes along.

At Thursday’s Cage Fury FC 94 event in Pennsylvania, Canadian middleweight Khetag Pliev took on Devin Goodale and the fight ended with Goodale getting a doctor stoppage TKO at the end of round two.

Okay that’s pretty plain and simple. Doctor stoppages due to cuts or injuries are quite common. A fight ending because a finger literally got severed in the cage is a new one. Not dislocated or broken, but completely gone.

And if that’s not enough the search was on for Pliev’s ring finger like the MMA version of an Easter Egg hunt.

While the exact moment the finger broke off is unknown, it is believed that a glove grab by Goodale in round two may have been the culprit. And there was no need to search the arena for the finger as it was in the glove the whole time.

So now that the mystery of the missing finger has been solved, Pliev has reportedly been taken to a hospital to get that thing back in place.

And now we’ve reached the part where you get to see the grossness of a freshly de-fingered hand. We said it was graphic at the top of the article and now you get to see it fully uncensored.

Even by MMA standards that’s all-time gross. Here’s to Pliev having a successful surgery after somehow fighting through that without even noticing until he got back to his corner.