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Patricio Pitbull says he’d ‘embarrass’ Alex Volkanovski if they fought: ‘He is not great at anything’

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Bellator’s two weight champion Patricio Pitbull thinks he would make easy work of UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski.

Patricio Pitbull after defeating Michael Chandler at Bellator 221
Patricio Pitbull after defeating Michael Chandler at Bellator 221
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Two-weight Bellator champion Patricio Pitbull has given his take on how a cross-promotional fight with UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski would go.

Pitbull (31-4) is one of the best fighters currently signed to Bellator and is unbeaten in his last six fights. The Brazilian is the last man to defeat Michael Chandler, who will fight for the vacant UFC lightweight title next month against Charles Oliveira.

“My biggest desire and everyone knows this is to have a cross-promotional fight between Bellator and UFC,” Pitbull told “That is unlikely to happen, though.”

Last year Pitbull said he would bet UFC president Dana White $1 million that he could Volkanovski and then champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Pitbull touched on this and also outlined the flaws in Volkanovski’s game.

“It would be a massacre. Volkanovski is good at things, but he is not great at anything. He doesn’t have good footwork or striking, he doesn’t finish anyone, and he stalls a lot,” Pitbull continued. “That won’t work with me, I will catch him and I will hurt him and finish him. The only reason why he accepted my challenge on Twitter is because he knows Dana wouldn’t do it. If we fought I would finish him, I would embarrass him.”

Pitbull will attempt to defend his Bellator featherweight title to Emmanuel Sanchez this Friday, April 2nd, at Bellator 255. Volkanovski was due to fight Brian Ortega at UFC 260 last week but tested positive for coronavirus, so his next UFC defense will be pushed to a date to be determined.