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47-year-old Indian woman breaks world record by landing 258 elbow strikes in just one minute

Kiran Deoli Uniyal recently claimed her 12th martial arts world record.

Kiran Deoli Uniyal holds 12 world records for various martial arts feats.
Kiran Deoli Uniyal holds 12 world records for various martial arts feats.
Drakon Master/YouTube

According to Kiran Deoli Uniyal recently clinched her 12th world record in martial arts. That achievement made her the woman with the most martial records on the planet. 10 of those records are Guinness World Records, the others are recognized by India Records and High Range Book of World Records.

Uniyal, 47, is a taekwondo practitioner. Recently she broke the Guinness World Record for landing 258 full contact elbow strikes in one minute, using alternate elbows (female category). In breaking that record Uniyal landed 4.3 strikes a second.

Uniyal’s other Guinness World Records include most full contact knee strikes in three minutes using one leg in the female category (260 strikes) and most full contact knee strikes using alternate legs in one minute in the female category (120 strikes).

Uniyal, a mother of two, hopes that her records inspire Indian women to take up martial arts, for both fitness and personal protection.

“When crime against women is increasing, martial arts has become very essential and important for all women and girls to pursue for their self-defence,” she said. “Martial arts can be learned and practiced at any age with regular and disciplined fitness training.”

When speaking about her own practise, which includes her record-breaking rapid fire techniques, Uniyal enforced that her speedy strikes weren’t just for looks (or records).

“Speed and reflexes play a vital role in martial arts, self-defence, since it is important to neutralize the perpetrator or an attacker and bring him to ground in the initial few seconds, which can scare him, besides giving courage and confidence to self.”