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T.J. Dillashaw slams Aljamain Sterling, Petr Yan following UFC 259

T.J. Dillashaw did not have kind things to say about Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling following UFC 259.

T.J. Dillashaw says Aljamain Sterling deserves an Oscar for his performance last night, berating ‘Funk Master’ for accepting the bantamweight title after a controversial DQ win against Petr Yan in the UFC 259 main event.

The former two-time bantamweight champion also took aim at Yan, labelling the Russian a ‘cheater’ for striking Sterling with an illegal knee in the fourth round.

“And the Oscar goes to @FakeMaster for Best Actor in a Title Fight and Petr Yan needs a crash course in the rules of the sport he was once champion in. Hey Petr now you’re a cheater too, bitch,” Dillashaw posted on Twitter.

Yan was enroute to a stoppage victory over Sterling before striking the 31-year-old with an illegal knee in the fourth round. Sterling was deemed medically unfit to continue and the bout was ruled a disqualification. Despite winning the title, Sterling was seen crying in the octagon and was obviously upset with the outcome of the fight.

Yan has since apologized for striking Sterling while he was down but maintains the knee was accidental and that he made a mistake.

“I apologize and wish speedy recovery to @funkmasterMMA I didn’t mean to throw an illegal strike, I just made a big mistake and paid for it,” Yan wrote following the fight.

Dillashaw is expected to return to the UFC later this year after completing his two-year suspension for EPO usage. The 35-year-old is teased to take on top-three bantamweight Cory Sandhagen in a number one contender’s bout.