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UFC 259 results: Makhachev subs Dober, Rakic takes cautious decision over Santos

On the UFC 259 PPV main card, Islam Makhachev tapped out Drew Dober, and Aleksandar Rakic took a unanimous decision over Thiago Santos.

The UFC 259 PPV main card is in progress, and the promotion’s #14 ranked 155-pounder, Islam Makhachev, just dominated Drew Dober on the ground before snagging a third-round arm triangle. Dober couldn’t stop the takedown, and couldn’t get back up once the fight got there. Islam has now won seven fights in a row in the UFC, and requested Tony Ferguson or someone else at the top of the lightweight division.

Opening up the main card, the UFC’s #4 ranked light heavyweight, Aleksandar Rakic, took a cautious decision over the #2 ranked, Thiago Santos. Rakic minded his P’s and Q’s on the feet, staying at range and avoiding the power strikes. He also spent a little bit of time pressing his foe against the fence. Rakic is now 6-1 in the UFC and just beat the #2 guy in the world.

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Main card:

Islam Makhachev def. Drew Dober by submission (arm triangle) at 1:37 of round 3: Lightweight

Dober came out looking sharp and bouncing on his feet, but Makhachev scored the first takedown he attempted. Makhachev ‘smeshed’ his opponent, giving up no space and completely dominating from the top. Dober was totally defensive, and just couldn’t do much of anything. Makhachev even had a close armbar at the end of the round that Dober had to frantically working to escape.

It didn’t take Islam very long to get Dober back down to the ground in the second-round. Makhachev stayed busy on top, slowly controlling and doing just enough to not get stood up. Towards the end of the round, Makhachev landed a set of crushing elbows, and Dober did not return to his feet. It took less than 30-seconds for Makhachev to get the fight to the floor in the final frame. Dober threatened with a Kimura, but Islam shut it down and instantly attacked with an arm triangle. The next thing you know, Drew was tapping.

Aleksandar Rakic def. Thiago Santos by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27): Light Heavyweight

Both men showed respect for the other to get things going. Rakic started to attack the calf when the moments presented themselves. Santos was searching for the big punch, as he often does, but the pace of the fight was allowing Rakic to see them coming.

Rakic came out pressuring and backing up Santos to start the second act, although he wasn’t throwing. He then started to kick at the calf again, before closing the distance and holding Santos against the fence. Back in open space, the same sort of tentative pace went on. The final frame saw more of the same. Rakic controlling the distance and being the sharper fighter. Santos went for a takedown at one point to no avail. Rakic went back to his clinch, pressing his foe against the cage and eating up some clock.