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Video: Despite selling shares, Conor McGregor still happy to promote Proper 12

The UFC’s Conor McGregor popped into a local store to purchase a bottle of the whiskey he created.

Yesterday it was revealed that beverage giant Becle, owners of Jose Cuervo tequila, had bought out Conor McGregor’s remaining shares in Eire Born Spirits—the company that makes Proper 12 Irish whiskey.

With news breaking that McGregor would no longer own the brand he created in 2018, it was uncertain whether or not the UFC megastar would continue to front the product. However, the same day we learned of McGregor’s shares of Proper 12 being snapped up the Irishman took to Instagram to make sure everyone watching knew he was still very much on team Proper 12.

In the above video McGregor can be seen inside what appears to be his local gas station in Dublin. Inside he asks a young lad for a bottle of Proper 12 and chats briefly about how it’s been selling.

A smiling McGregor then poses for the camera and promises to deliver some extra marketing materials to help the bottles fly off the shelves.

The video seems to be very much intentional on McGregor’s part and likely points to a long future for him as the number one pitch man for Becle’s new acquisition.

After over a year on the sidelines McGregor returned to MMA action this January. At UFC 257 he fought Dustin Poirier. That was the second time ‘Notorious’ had faced ‘Diamond’, the first bout—in 2014—ended in a TKO win for McGregor. This time around, Poirier scored the TKO win, handing McGregor his first ever MMA loss to strikes.

McGregor, Poirier and UFC President Dana White have all signalled that Poirier vs. McGregor 3 will happen sometime this year.