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Jon Jones won’t fight Francis Ngannou for ‘way too low’ $8 million, but Derrick Lewis would

Jon Jones goes off on Twitter over his pay and reveals what he considers to be inadequate pay for a fight with Francis Ngannou.

Just how much does Jon Jones want for a superfight with heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou? Well we don’t have a specific figure, but we know what he considers to be unacceptable.

In his latest string of tweets, Jones claimed that he spoke with UFC executive vice president and chief business officer Hunter Campbell, and told him that a payday in the range of $8-10 million isn’t good enough.

He did admit, however, that no formal offer has been made yet.

By the way, that $8-10 million range is roughly what Andy Ruiz made for his heavyweight title rematch with Anthony Joshua in 2019.

Jones continued his rant by bemoaning his pay throughout his 20s, which he says was roughly $2 million per fight.

Jones and White have been going back-and-forth over the former light heavyweight champion’s pay dating back to last year, so now that Ngannou is the champion this subject has been brought up once again. There’s no doubt that Ngannou vs. Jones would be one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history, and Jones is not the only one who wants a pay raise for this matchup. Jon took it to hyperbolic levels by suggesting this is the UFC equivalent of Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman.

Dana White has already stated that if Ngannou vs. Jones doesn’t happen, then a rematch between Francis and Derrick Lewis would make the most sense. ‘The Black Beast’ is obviously more than willing to fight for $8 million, to which Jones retorted that their situations are not the same.

Stay tuned for more Twitter drama on the next episode of “As The Jones Tweets.”