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UFC 260 results: Francis Ngannou knocks out Stipe Miocic in rematch to capture heavyweight crown

Francis Ngannou just knocked out Stipe Miocic in their rematch to win the heavyweight title in the UFC 260 main event.

The UFC 260 main event just saw Francis Ngannou knockout Stipe Miocic in the second round of their rematch to capture the promotion’s heavyweight title. Francis was patient, defending the takedown, and delivered his patented power to put away the former champ and claim a world title. The top of the heavyweight division is truly scary, which makes the divisional debut of Jon Jones quite interesting.

Ngannou took the center right away and kicked Miocic in the leg. Miocic stayed on the outside, looking to avoid the power of his opponent. A big right hand got through for Ngannou, which prompted Miocic to shoot. Ngannou defended well, scrambling and staying in the dominant position and landing strikes until they returned to open space. Then, a head kick from Ngannou hit its mark, but the champion wore it well. The rest of the round was rather reserved, with neither man really opening up.

Ngannou opened the second stanza with a low leg kicks. He then clipped the champ with a left hook, and then scored a knockdown with a left straight. Miocic stood up, but Francis was unloading his firepower, and another left hand sat him down. One followup strike came crashing down before the referee was able to stop the fight. YIKES!

Francis Ngannou def. Stipe Miocic by KO at :52 of round 2: Heavyweight Title