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Sean O’Malley: Megan Anderson shouldn’t let words affect her; and ‘she’s not a co-worker anymore’

Sean O’Malley had an unfortunate response to the sexual remarks towards Megan Anderson made on his show.

Casey Kenney was a co-host on Sean O’Malley’s podcast, where he made crude sexual comments about Megan Anderson, that the recent women’s featherweight title contender called “utterly degrading” and “disgusting behavior” from a co-worker.

The spotlight is back on O’Malley as his comeback nears, and when asked if he had any regrets about having the inappropriate topic discussed on his show, he a pretty unfortunate answer.

“We say a lot of things on there, and some people get very upset,” O’Malley told ESPN.

“I didn’t say anything bad, did I?” a defensive O’Malley said. “You can’t let someone else’s words affect how you feel emotionally. If you said something about me, I don’t know. I don’t know. She’s not a co-worker anymore, so it is what it is.”

Apart from saying the woman targeted by sexual remarks on his show just shouldn’t have been offended, O’Malley also implied that since Anderson’s UFC contract has now expired, it shouldn’t be an issue because they’re not co-workers anymore. It wasn’t even a particularly tough question by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow O’Malley still managed to completely fumble his response.

Anderson also sent out a two-word reply after hearing about O’Malley’s statements.

Also on the podcast, O’Malley doubled down to say that he’s still “undefeated” despite the TKO loss to Marlon Vera.

“I wasn’t beaten that night because my skills weren’t as good,” he said. “It definitely wasn’t a calf kick if you go back and rewatch it. Literally, his big toe hit my peroneal nerve and it caused drop foot.”

O’Malley faces Thomas Almeida at UFC 260 this weekend.

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