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White on Dustin Poirier snubbing title fight for Conor McGregor trilogy: ‘That’s what he should do’

Dustin Poirier is doing the right thing holding out for a third fight with Conor McGregor, said Dana White.

Dana White has Dustin Poirier snubbing a UFC lightweight title shot to set up a trilogy fight with Conor McGregor as the right decision.

When news broke last week that Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler will fight for the vacant UFC lightweight title, it all but confirmed the trilogy between Poirier and McGregor. White has previously said the fight will probably take place in the summer.

Talking at the UFC 260 press conference, White credited Poirier’s decision to seek a trilogy with McGregor.

“Dustin wants the rematch [with Conor McGregor],” White said (h/t MMA Fighting). “That’s smart. That’s what he should do. He should take the rematch, take that fight. It’s a big fight for him.

Poirier avenged his 2014 loss to McGregor at UFC 257 this January, becoming the first man to stop McGregor by TKO.

“Kid’s worked hard his whole life, his whole career to be in a position like this. That’s the fight you take. We’ve been in positions like this before with others who have made the mistake of not taking that fight, and [it was the] biggest mistake of their lives.”

All top-six fighters in the lightweight division currently have fights booked, apart from Justin Gaethje. Concerned about his status in the division, Gaethje is unsure why he has been on the sidelines since October. White doesn’t see it the same way.

“He fits very well in all this,” White said about Gaethje. “After this plays out, he’s probably next in line. I mean it depends on what happens with Dustin and Conor.

“You know how that is, timing is everything when these fights happen. How much damage did the guy who won take? What kind of personal sh-t does he have going on? All that stuff factors into when the next fight would be. Justin Gaethje couldn’t be in a better position.”