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Graphic: MMA fighter wins by TKO, then fixes dislocated finger

Damian Janikowski is a tough dude.

Damian Janikowski during media day workouts ahead of KSW 52.
Damian Janikowski during media day workouts ahead of KSW 52.
Photo by Foto Olimpik/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The reaction to an injury depends on its severity, so a grimace or wail in the immediate aftermath is not uncommon. Not if you are KSW middleweight Damian Janikowski, though.

His reaction to an injury he suffered at KSW 59: Fight Code in Lodz, Poland last Saturday night was to call attention to it, fix it and continue on with his post-fight celebration as if nothing happened. Crazy, right?

Janikowski met former Bellator MMA and Cage Warriors competitor Jason Radcliffe and stunned him with punches in the second round. With Radcliffe covering up on the ground, Janikowski unloaded with more punches until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

The Olympic Bronze medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling soon found out that he earned way more than a technical knockout victory. As he walked away from the referee and Radcliffe, Janikowski held his left hand up to show that his ring finger was no longer sticking straight up alongside the rest of his digits, but now angled and pointed in the opposite direction.

Instead of freaking out at the ghastly sight, which would have been an understandable reaction, Janikowski simply slapped it back into place with a smile. He then balled his hands into fists and proceeded to do a backflip.

You can watch the sequence below.

In his post-fight interview, Janikowski was asked about what happened to his finger. His answer was as nonchalant as his mini-medical procedure.

“Now it’s straight already, but as I was showing you before, it was turning right a little, pointing right at the mall,” said Janikowski. “It’s great. I’m all happy, no injuries.”

The interviewer quickly reminded him of his finger as an injury, but Janikowski said it would not require hospitalization, so it technically does not count. That is quite the response.

Janikowski sees his overall record improve to 6-3 and he is now on a two-fight win streak.