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UFC Vegas 22 Edition | Best of the C’Mon Now MMA Podcast - 48

Bloody Elbow Presents the ‘Best of the C’Mon Now MMA Podcast’.  The show is a deep dive with host, Trent Reinsmith, into the bigger news & goings on in MMA, both inside + outside the cage; presented with a critical, unbiased eye.

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Our compilation show is a deep dive with host, Trent Reinsmith, into the bigger news and goings on in MMA, both inside and outside the cage; presented with a critical, unbiased eye.

Here is some detail on what’s going on here... the “regular” ‘C’mon Now MMA Podcast’ is a daily podcast of varying lengths, which can be found here: This show, however, is a compilation of some of the best topics covered on the daily show over the past week.

This week:

UFC VEGAS 22: Rapid Fire Review -

  1. Bruno Silva’s striking - At 1:05
  2. Montel Jackson did what he was supposed to do - At 2:04
  3. Grant Dawson doesn’t quit - At 2:20
  4. Macy Chiasson is still developing - At 2:56
  5. Tai Tuivasa runs over UFC newcomer & Contender Series Vet - At 4:23
  6. Adrian Yanez was the big winner - At 4:32
  7. Montserrat Ruiz vs Cheyanne Buys was a weird one - At 6:22
  8. Max Griffin takes advantage of an opportunity - At 7:13
  9. Derek Brunson outwrestled Kevin Holland and that’s the whole story - At 8:09
  10. Dana White has the dumbest take of the night, regarding UFC Vegas 22 and Kevin Holland - At 10:48
  11. I’m all for Kevin Holland being a trash-talking talented fighter, but he has to decide if he wants that or if he wants to only be an entertainer - At 13:43

Additional Highlights from the Daily Show:

  1. Conor McGregor is just embarrassing himself - At 18:15
  2. Don’t let the UFC control the narrative on Khabib’s retirement - At 21:57
  3. Khabib Nurmagomedov as the Keyser Soze of the UFC - At 25:44
  4. Dana White should be a little embarrassed about how badly he underestimated Khabib Nurmagomedov’s word - At 29:14
  5. What is the UFC going to do with Kevin Holland? Is he still on the UFC Christmas card list? - At 36:02
  6. Will UFC give Derek Brunson a fight against a top middleweight or is he still going to be on gatekeeper duty? - At 40:38
  7. UFC is changing how it refers to COVID-19 positives. That’s not an accident, that’s all about UFC 261 and UFC 262 in Florida and Texas - At 43:26
  8. Good luck to Jon Jones who wants to get what he’s worth from the UFC - At 48:03
  9. Amanda Nunes would be silly to give up on the UFC women’s featherweight division - At 54:15
  10. John Kavanagh has a wacky reason why Conor McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier - At 57:55

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