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Video: Cro Cop styles on former Liverpool player, makes him humble

Step into the domain of former special forces, and you will regret many things.

SS Lazio v Zenit St. Petersburg: Group F - UEFA Champions League
This guy kicks a ball and runs around and stuff, he might be pretty good. Or whatever.
Photo by Silvia Lore/Getty Images

Right leg hospital, left leg cemetery went up against right leg penalty kick and left leg... I dunno, hopping on one foot? What do soccer guys do, anyway?

That crossover partially explains what happened recently when Croatian footballer Dejan Lovren stopped by Mirko Cro Cop’s gym for a friendly training session, and got down and dirty with the kickboxing and MMA legend.

Known mostly for his time in Liverpool and later leaving to be the captain of Zenit Saint Petersburg (in Russia, not Florida - that’s a good thing), Lovren met up with his countryman and got some great face to face time. They managed to roll for a bit and demonstrate that despite retirement and health scares, Mirko is still very, very deadly. It also demonstrated that Lovren should absolutely, 100% stick to his day job up in St Pete’s.

The occasion was shared on Instagram, where Lovren showed nothing but gratitude at the opportunity to get steamrolled by a man that is way deadlier than average.

Mirko remains a compassionate soul above all else, so he did manage to go kind of easy on the guy. He still controlled Lovren the whole way, had he not been the kind man we know him to be now, he’d have taken that arm home and put it near his fireplace or something.

But if you’re gonna have a meet with a legend like this, you have to really do it up for the Gram. Enjoy the photoset below to see more of their little playdate.

Cro Cop is known for having the coolest bromances in combat sports, and the Lovren and Filipović combo is no different. A great day among friends, free of Mirko’s more sinister pranks or shenanigans, with some lighthearted fun. You can’t ask for more than that.

We can only presume Lovren didn’t get leg-kicked, because that would have certainly shortened his career by a lot.