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KSW 59 weigh-ins and preview: Senegalese wrestling star outweighs Pudzianowski by 68 lbs

Live action from Poland this weekend with a lovely circus fight you won’t want to miss.

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World’s Strongest Man vs Senegalese Sentinel

It feels like KSW was overdue for another major freakshow fight, and now we have one that should satisfy that quota for a good while.

Former World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski has been one of KSW’s most reliable talents for years. Yet as big and strong as he is, he’s now finally the undersized party in a matchup. He’s up against Serigne Ousmane Dia, a.k.a. Bombardier, a Senegalese wrestler with a killer pedigree and a short but brutal MMA record.

Pudzian (13-7) has had his fair share of battles, and his last bout was a win against Erko Jun back in 2019. He’s handled musclebound dudes like himself before. This is just a different task. A massive monster grappler that loves to swing for the fences and make his fights as quick as possible? That’s a concern. But it’s bound to be fun regardless. Bombardier (2-0) lacks polish when it comes to a full and organized MMA game, but has tremendous power and a lifetime of grappling savvy to make him a nightmare matchup for a lot of heavyweights anywhere in the world.

Earlier in the week, the two had what was without a doubt the biggest face-off KSW has ever seen. Seriously, just look at this:

Bantamweight Sebastian Przybysz worked his way to three consecutive wins and now has the opportunity to dethrone champ Antun Račić (25-8, 1 draw). The Croatian wrestler has other plans, though. Controlling opponents and battering them with smart and consistent ground strikes is how he won straight in a row, and he has no plans on dropping that belt.

London’s Jason Radcliffe (16-7) already took on one of the faces of KSW in Antoni Chmielewski to extend his win streak to three, and now looks to keep that going against Olympian Damian Janikowski (5-3). Radcliffe’s a hard-hitter and a great athlete, but Janikowski remains an absolute specimen with wild mobility and a strong wrestling base. He’s going to struggle against the more experienced Brit, as Radcliffe is a major threat that is really starting to hit his stride now.

KSW’s promo packages remain second to none in production. Here’s a few.

Marius Pudzianowski vs Bombardier:

Rakič vs Przybysz:

Janikowski vs Radcliffe:

As usual, the weigh-ins had their typical KSW flavor:

Weigh in results are as follows:

Mariusz Pudzianowski (120.2kg/265lbs) vs. Bombardier (151.2kg/333lbs) - Super heavyweight

Antun Račić (61.1kg/135lbs) vs. Sebastian Przybysz (61.2kg/135lbs) - Bantamweight title fight

Damian Janikowski (84.4kg/186lbs) vs. Jason Radcliffe (84.3kg/186lbs) - Middleweight

Michał Włodarek (110.0kg/243lbs) vs. Darko Stošić (105.1kg/232lbs) - Heavyweight

Krystian Kaszubowski (*79.3kg/175lbs) vs. Michał Pietrzak (77.2kg/170lbs) - Welterweight

Łukasz Rajewski (*71.8kg/158lbs) vs. Konrad Dyrschka (70.8kg/156lbs) - Lightweight

Adrian Bartosiński (77.6kg/171lbs) vs. Lionel Padilla (77.4kg/171lbs) Welterweight

Sebastian Rajewski (70.8kg/156lbs) vs. Savo Lazić (70kg/154lbs) - Lightweight

Cyprian Wieczorek (65.4kg/144lbs) vs. Patryk Likus (66kg/146lbs) - Featherweight

Due to missing weight, Kaszubowski was fined 40%, while Rajewski fined 30%

KSW 59: Fight Code takes place this Saturday starting at 2:00pm EST. This event will be streaming live via KSW’s proprietary online service as well as on