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Adesanya says Jones feud is ‘deeper than fighting now’; Jon responds with another tweet-and-delete

Jon Jones says it’s “hilarious” that their beef is continuing despite Israel Adesanya’s loss to Jan Blachowicz.

Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya have been trading barbs for quite sometime now, but the former light heavyweight champion has declared the rivalry “dead” after the recent loss to Jan Blachowicz. If you ask the UFC middleweight champion though, he still believes that he will eventually face Jones.

“Hell no. This is just a valley in my story,” Adesanya told ESPN. “In any movie, in any anime series, you always have the valleys and you rise up from that. This is just mine and it’s like, all right, cool, bet. I’m taking this very well, and I know exactly what I have to do to get back to my true self, so yeah, I’m doing just that. But nah, that fight’s not dead. I’m coming for that ass.

“This is deeper than fighting now. He knows, we know, we all know what he’s like. We all know how fake he is. It’s not even gonna take long before he f—ks his life up again — if he hasn’t already and kept it low key and swept it under the rug.”

Adesanya also reacted to the string of tweets Jones sent out celebrating the loss to Blachowicz.

“That shows his character,” Adesanya said. “Find a tweet of me tweeting after he wins even against Dominick Reyes. Find a tweet of me kicking him when everyone is s—tting on him. He barely beat Thiago Santos. Dominick Reyes arguably kicked his ass. Find the tweet of me going at him and taking a victory lap. This shows the character of who he we are.”

Jones of course, wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to respond to these statements, sending another bunch of tweets about Adesanya.

It wouldn’t be a Jon Jones spat without tweets being deleted, and here’s at least one that has been erased as of this writing:

“Literally once a month he does an interview talking about me, literally once a month. It’s like half his brand is wrapped up in if he will fight Jon Jones or not,” Jones wrote.

Despite the endless back and forth, they aren’t likely to face each other soon, with Adesanya looking to drop down to defend his middleweight belt and Jones prepping for a heavyweight title run. It’s really worth noting that for two guys who have claimed they’re not too keen in talking about each other, they sure can’t stop talking about each other.