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Video: Jon Jones down to 245 lbs after more striking workouts, wants to be ‘a lot bigger’

Jon Jones gives another update on his planned move to heavyweight.

Jon Jones has been bulking up for his planned move to heavyweight, and the former champion at 205 lbs has constantly sent social media updates about his progress in the new division. He previously showed off his new physique at over 250 lbs, and also posted a video of his “fat boy” self hitting the mitts.

While the previous video had some fans worried about his speed and cardio, Jones says he’s been doing these striking workouts more frequently now, causing him to lose some weight.

Jones also noted that he plans to eventually step in the cage much heavier than 245 lbs.

“It feels good to be hitting mitts more consistently again. Don’t think it’s the best for my bulking considering that I’m back down to 245 pounds,” Jones said. “I will admit I feel good at this weight. Let’s just see where the cards land. My goal is to compete a lot bigger.”

It’s worth noting that Jones is already a good sized heavyweight as it is, and is much heavier than the champion Stipe Miocic’s last weigh in at 230 lbs.

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