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Yikes! Photos capture severity of eye poke from Leon Edwards vs Belal Muhammad UFC main event

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Zoom in on that.

Yet another key UFC bout ended anticlimactically due to a foul. This time, it was a horrible accidental eye poke that ended the UFC Vegas 21 main event bout between Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad.

Edwards threw a straight to body kick combination, but his finger poked Muhammad’s eye in the process. He instantly screamed and wept in agony after the foul, in one of the worst reactions to an eye poke in recent memory.

Video of the incident is available, but the still photos also captured and showed the severity of the foul. Check out a few of the shots below:

The fight was immediately called off, and the main event was declared a No Contest due to the accidental nature of the foul.

It was clearly an outcome that no one wanted, with Muhammad headlining his first UFC event, and Edwards coming back from a very long layoff and looking to secure a title shot. Hopefully the eye didn’t take any permanent damage, and that Edwards doesn’t have to wait another two years before returning.