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Epic KO! Watch this stunning tornado kick knockout

Is this on the shortlist for ‘Knockout of the Year’?

Steve Walker vs Brian Collette
Steve “Put ‘Em to Sleep” Walker KO’d Brian Collette with an incredible tornado kick.
Screengrab via MMA Mania

A tornado kick knockout does not happen everyday, but one did on Friday night at Lion Fight 64. Lion Fight Promotions returned to Hutchinson, Kansas with the card of six Muay Thai fights that was headlined by a Super Cruiserweight title defense for Steve “Put ‘Em to Sleep” Walker against Brian Collette.

The fight began with Walker immediately getting the better of Collette. Walker moved forward and started unloading some kicks to the head and body of Collette, who covered up before backing up into a corner. With his opponent still in that corner, Walker stepped back, spun around and threw a kick to the face of Collette.

Collette was dropped and fell in between the ropes while the referee waved the fight off at 2 minutes and 11 seconds into the first round.

You can watch the end of the fight in the video provided by UFC Fight Pass below.

As the announcer said, the championship remains with Walker now that he has successfully defended it against Collette. He won the championship several years ago at Lion Fight 46, where he earned yet another head kick knockout over former opponent, Kristaps Zile.

Walker now sees his record extend to 6-0.