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Dominick Cruz slams immature T.J. Dillashaw for calling Petr Yan a cheater at UFC 259

“That’s just him exposing himself again, trying to make himself feel better for being a cheater”.

Dominick Cruz doesn’t think T.J. Dillashaw did himself any favours by labelling Petr Yan a cheater following the latter’s disqualification loss to Aljamain Sterling at UFC 259.

Dillashaw was suspended two years by USADA for EPO usage in 2019, and Cruz thinks it’s ludicrous that the former UFC bantamweight champion would try to lump Yan into the same category of cheats as himself after being disqualified for landing an illegal knee.

Cruz says TJ’s comments resemble that of an eight-year-old childs’.

“Yeah I mean, okay, so if you’re just trying to stay relevant, I don’t know if those are the choice words personally. But like you said, maybe everybody’s going to dislike you anyway because you’re a cheater so you might as well go all-in on it. But to go look, you’re also a cheater, Yan, that’s just a mirror. That’s just him exposing himself again, trying to make himself feel better for being a cheater. And so it’s like he’s looking at a mirror when he sees Yan, and he’s like, “Oh look, look! He’s a cheater too!” And it’s like ok, cool. You’re about eight years old,” Cruz told James Lynch of Fanatics View in a recent interview (h/t

Dillashaw recently completed his two-year drug suspension and is expected to return to the UFC later this year to take on Cory Sandhagen in a number one contender’s bout.

Cruz, too, will look to return to the octagon following his split decision win over Casey Kenney at UFC 259 this past Saturday.