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Graphic: Urban Fight Night 24 headliner snaps opponent’s leg with brutal calf kick

Anyone going by the fight moniker of the ‘Limb Reaper’ better harvest some limbs, and Randall Rayment did just that at Urban Fight Night 24.

A fighter in blue trunks suffers a broken shin due to an opponent’s low kick.
Dean Maxwell suffers a broken leg during a bout against Randall Rayment.

We may only be three months into the new year, but 2021 has already brought some seriously gruesome injuries to MMA fans. As always, however, we’re here to break them down for you all in a way that will hopefully keep you from either gagging or shielding your eyes from the sheer horror of watching something go completely wrong.

Our recent injury highlight came in this past Saturday at Urban Fight Night 24 in Milsons Point, Sydney, Australia—where a light heavyweight championship fight between Dean Maxwell and Randall Rayment served as the headliner. The fight began and Maxwell immediately went for a low kick on Rayment, who returned the favor with his own low kick and a right hand.

Maxwell again went for another kick, but missed and was found himself once again on the end of his opponent’s own kicking game. This time with a calf kick that caused a whole lot more damage than the previous one.

A loud snap rang out, nothing too far out of the ordinary, when kicks are being exchanged. After all, that’s the kind of sound that’s heard all the time when a leg meets a leg, right? The unfortunate difference here being that, about a second after that snap echoed in the venue, Maxwell put his right leg down onto the canvas only for it to roll in the opposite direction.

Maxwell then dropped to the canvas, put his hand up to signify he was done, and the referee stepped in to wave the fight over. As the referee attended to him, Maxwell slightly held up his leg up for all of us to see that the bottom half of it was was hanging. Literally hanging down.

(Warning: Graphic video ahead. Proceed with caution.)

If that imagery wasn’t enough to gross out our readers, then surely the slow motion replay provided above by the promotion will. The point of contact shows exactly when the leg of Maxwell was severely dented after taking that brutal calf kick. It almost looked like his leg was made out of rubber by the way it bent outward.

The commentary team was sure something had been broken and it turns out they were correct. Per reporting from Nolan King of MMA Junkie, Maxwell had his fibula and tibia broken and will be unable to walk for three months as he recuperates from surgery.

As for Rayment, who goes by the extremely fitting fight moniker of the ‘Limb Reaper’, he improves to 10-3 and has a new championship belt around his waist.

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