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UFC Vegas 18 results: Dominant Alexander Volkov stops Alistair Overeem with strikes in round 2

Alexander Volkov just finished Alistair Overeem with a boxing combo in the second round of the UFC Vegas 18 main event.

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The UFC Vegas 18 main event just witnessed the company’s #6 rated heavyweight, Alexander Volkov, put hands on the #5 ranked, Alistair Overeem, to score a second-round TKO. Volkov avoided the takedowns and threw his punches in bunches to get the better of the longtime veteran. Overeem was competitive in the opening round, but Volkov turned it up in the second stanza, bloodying up Alistair before finding the finish. This makes two-straight second-round finishes for Alexander, who expressed his desire for a title shot in his post-fight interview.

Volkov went right at Overeem to open up the match, causing Alistair to shell up against the fence. Overeem escaped back into open space and started landing overhand lefts from the southpaw stance. Volkov knocked over an off-balanced Overeem, and pounced as if his foe were hurt. Overeem quickly returned to open space and Volkov went back to spamming punches to get his adversary shell up again.

Overeem was looking to grapple in the second act, but Volkov was ready to defend against it. A stinging jab-cross stung Alistair, prompting Volkov to unload a flurry. Overeem was busted up and bleeding from the face at this point. Then, a stiff cross to hook sent Overeem staggering down to the canvas. The referee jumped in to stop the bout before any extra blows were dished out.

Alexander Volkov def. Alistair Overeem by TKO at 2:06 of round 2: Heavyweight