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Video: Former MLB star Jose Canseco TKO’d in boxing match by some random intern

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Jose Canseco quit very early in his fight.

Jose Canseco Hosts The 13th Annual Ping Pong Palooza Charity Tournament Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Jose Canseco returned to combat sports and embarrassed himself (again).

For some reason, the now 56-year-old former MLB star took on a random 22-year-old podcast intern in a celebrity boxing match — wait, does this even qualify as that? Either way, Canseco fought again, 12 years after his hilarious MMA debut, and for what it’s worth, his prediction was at least very accurate.

Except it’s Canseco that quickly lost, and yes, they even had a belt for this circus show.

This intern, apparently called Billy Football, quickly dropped Canseco in the first round, and even landed an illegal strike as he was downed. He didn’t seem terribly hurt, but the referee didn’t even get time to address the foul before Canseco decided to quit early and cash out as fast as possible.

Watch the fight below.

Not sure who would willingly pay for this, but they apparently charged $19.99 for that main event. This was a pretty embarrassing showing, but it certainly wasn’t as uhm... “memorable” as his lone MMA fight in Japan back in 2009.

Canseco isn’t the only washed up celebrity trying his hand in boxing. There’s also that recently announced bout between former NBA star Lamar Odom and pop star Aaron Carter, which seems like an even worse idea after their serious health issues.