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Photos: Conor McGregor’s calf is still badly swollen two weeks after UFC 257

Calf kicks hurt, and Dustin Poirier really did some damage at UFC 257.

After dealing with Dustin Poirier’s calf kicks at UFC 257, Conor McGregor was limping badly and described to have an American football sized swelling on his leg.

“My leg is completely dead, and even though I felt like I was checking them, it was just sinking into the muscle in the front of the leg, and it was badly compromised,” he said. “It’s like an American football in my shoe at the minute.”

McGregor is said to be using cryotherapy to reduce pain and inflammation, but almost two weeks later, the former champion is still dealing with the damage his leg took from Poirier.

Check out photos of his badly swollen leg, which he shared on his Instagram Stories.

While calf kicks certainly hasn’t been a new technique or trend in MMA, McGregor admitted to never experiencing and dealing with them prior to UFC 257. It’s actually a technique that some analysts predicted Poirier would rely on, and it also led to coaches like Javier Mendez questioning why McGregor was that badly unprepared for a strike that people would surely throw against him.

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