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‘This ain’t f—king MMA’ - Britain Hart has heated KnuckleMania staredown with Paige VanZant

A fuming Britain Hart got in the face of Paige VanZant during a heated post-weigh-in staredown ahead of Friday’s KnuckleMania event.

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Things got a little heated between Britain Hart and Paige VanZant after Thursday’s weigh-ins for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships’ KnuckleMania 1 on Friday. As you can see in the video below, the two women had to be restrained by BFKC president David Feldman.

Based on that clip alone, it seemed to have started when Hart got a little too close for comfort in VanZant’s face. The former UFC strawweight/Instagram model/Dancing With the Stars runner-up responded by putting her hand on Hart’s throat, which you can say, was a little out of line.

Hart wasn’t pleased and went from 60 to 100 in an instant. That’s when she started pointing fingers and cursing up a storm. Part of what she was saying was caught on video when all the background noise died down.

“Don’t put your hands on me f—king first,” an angry Hart was heard saying. “You got it twisted.

“This ain’t f—king MMA, you can’t choke. Get the f—king rules right before you come into the f—king game. How about that? Get the rules right. I will touch you first tomorrow.”

PVZ was seen just smiling through it all with both of her hands behind her back.

But just less than a day earlier during the pre-fight press conference, the two women were more subdued during their face-off.

BKFC’s KnuckleMania 1 will be available on FiteTV for $39.99.