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Dan Hardy ‘waiting on the call’ from UFC over Matt Brown fight

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Dan Hardy is ready to accept a comeback fight against Matt Brown.

UFC Fight Night Hunt v Oleinik: Open Workouts Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC

UFC veteran Dan Hardy is ‘ready to accept’ a fight against Matt Brown after spending almost nine years on the sidelines due to a rare medical condition called Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome.

Hardy was reportedly medically cleared to fight again in 2018 but has yet to make the walk back to the octagon.

In a recent tweet, however, ‘The Outlaw’ hinted of a comeback...

“If it’s going to happen, I need it to be someone worthwhile... I’m not doing all of this preparation to fight some bum. I need names and faces... ☠️#LineThemUp☠️,” Hardy wrote last week, to which Brown responded with the following tweet.

Asked whether he would take up Brown on his offer, Hardy said he is currently ‘waiting on the call from the UFC’.

“I’m waiting on the call from the UFC. Ready to accept,” Hardy posted on Friday.

Hardy hasn’t fought since his unanimous decision win over The Ultimate Fighter 7 winner Amir Sadollah in 2012. The former welterweight title challenger has since worked as a commentator and analyst for the UFC and is widely considered one of the best analysts in the sport today, earning notoriety for his UFC 257 pre-fight analysis in which he accurately predicted Poirier’s calf kicks would be a huge path to victory against Conor McGregor.

Hardy’s most notable wins include victories over Marcus Davis, Mike Swick and Duane Ludwig. Brown, on the other hand, is arguably the more decorated fighter but hasn’t won a fight since his second-round KO of Ben Saunders in 2019.