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Fight Archives: Roger Huerta flattens ex-linebacker for punching woman

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A throwback to Roger Huerta: street justice warrior.

Roger Huerta street fight

By now, we’ve all seen the video of the recent bathroom brawl that broke out between four OU students at a local bar in Oklahoma. On one corner are two football studs. On the other are two brothers who’ve apparently been involved in combat sports since their formative years.

Our very own Victor Rodriguez already broke it down for you fine folks, which you can read here. I won’t get into discussions without knowing the full story, but it did remind me of a similar incident from more than a decade ago. When a 27-year-old Roger Huerta got into a street brawl with a burly individual later identified to be former Texas Longhorns linebacker Rashad Bobino.

The omnipresent lenses of TMZ captured the incident on video. It starts with Bobino in the bright orange shirt punching a woman in the white top. Then in comes “El Matador” to the rescue. Words were exchanged as the commotion around seemed to have died down.

Cut to the next frame, where we see both Huerta and Bobino with their shirts off. The crowd spills over to the street as our valiant camera guy continues to film while playing tag with oncoming traffic.

The shot was way too far to show anything clearly. But at the 1:05 mark of the video, you’ll see Huerta delivering what appears to be a head stomp to a downed Bobino. The crowd rushes towards the melee as Bobino laid on the concrete with some blood on his wifebeater.

TMZ says no arrests were made that night, as Huerta earned virtual pats on the back from the MMA community. There were some though, who found the glorification of his actions to be appalling.

For his part, the one-time Sports Illustrated cover boy says he’d do it all over again if necessary.

There’s a moral to the story here, kids: such display of force using your skillset isn’t warranted unless it’s a matter of life and death. Neither one of these incidents was. And in this day and age of technology in a sue-happy society, no one ever comes out the real winner, regardless of what really happened.

I guess it’s high time for some of these trained killers to hone another aspect of their art.

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