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Justin Gaethje says Dana White mishandled UFC’s lightweight division, wants Nate Diaz fight

Justin Gaethje has a lot to say about his division, and believes that a win over Nate Diaz is just as valuable as a win over anyone else.

Justin Gaethje will fight Michael Chandler at UFC 268 in New York City. Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Justin Gaethje has never been shy about sharing his opinion about fighters, his division, or the organization he is contracted to fight for. And with the 155-pound weight class in a state of flux right now, It’s not very surprising that he has decided to espouse his rather unique viewpoint on things.

First, Gaethje would welcome a fight with Nate Diaz. Despite his layoff and lack of current contender status, Gaethje sees Diaz’s popularity as a way to leapfrog his way to another title shot (via MMA Junkie):

“I mean, with the way this sport works, I’m no fool. He’s (one of the) top three biggest superstars in the sport even though he hasn’t fought in a long time. And in the position I’m in, I need a win. It could be Nate Diaz, it could be Rafael dos Anjos, it could be Charles Oliveira, it could be Michael Chandler, it could be Conor McGregor. And when I attain that win, I will then get the title shot.

“A win against Nate Diaz is just as good a win, right now for me, as Michael Chandler, Conor McGregor.”

He then commented on the state of 155, pointing at Dana White as part of the problem:

“The reason why this is happening with Poirier is because Dana White used, he tried to, he did, he f—ked Tony (Ferguson) and Dustin. He said f—k you guys, I’m going to take Chandler, and he’s going to be the backup for this title fight. That all happened four months ago. We are humans, we have principles, we have morals, and that’s what that is. That’s why Dustin Poirier is saying (he won’t fight Chandler). Well, I would assume. I don’t talk to the guy.

“He didn’t just f—k Dustin Poirier, He didn’t just sh-t on Tony Ferguson. He sh-t on every single f—king fighter that wants to do it right and wants integrity to the sport, and that’s why Dustin Poirier is talking like he is.”

While those comments sound rather inflammatory when it comes to White, Gaethje says he is just calling it like he sees it and has no issues with the UFC as a whole:

“I’m happy. I’m not dissatisfied,” Gaethje said. “I don’t want to fight anywhere else. This is the company to showcase your skills at the highest level. I try to be a company man since Day 1.”

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