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Fight Archives: Dominick Cruz schools a ‘ninja’ after gym call out

Dominick Cruz was once called out by a “ninja.” Here’s how he responded.

Dominick Cruz ninja

What happens when you pit an MMA fighter against a ninja? We now have an answer thanks to Dominick Cruz.

I’m sure many of you have seen this clip when it went viral years back. As legend had it, a “ninja” challenged Cruz to an exhibition match.

Now, as far as I know, ninjas were covert combatants from feudal Japan. I’m not sure how well this concept translated to modern America, but this guy is apparently living proof of it.

Ninja initiated the action with a nice high kick. He was relaxed and threw it with enough confidence. For those few seconds, it looked like he would do well enough for himself.

Then Cruz decided to turn it on. Double-leg takedown off a body kick, land to side control, and command position. Ninja guy tried to create action off his back, but he instead did the rookie habit of grabbing onto a headlock.

Cruz recognized the lack of threat, smoothly moved up to full mount, and swung fists. Flustered and overwhelmed by his hopeless case at hand, ninja guy tapped.

That right there should’ve been the end of this story. Ninja skill levels aside, there is no shame in being schooled by Dominick Cruz. But a round two happened and “The Dominator” put him out of his misery in half the time.

Cruz has been far removed from his ninja-slaying ways, but he remains to be a PPV-caliber UFC fighter. The former 135-pound champion will break his 10-month absence at UFC 259 when he faces Casey Kenney.

The video above is the abridged version, but right below is a lengthier clip with the before and after reactions.

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