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‘I literally died inside for the poor guy’ - DC mourns Marquez’s lack of game after Miley Cyrus blunder

Julian Marquez made an impassioned plea, asking Miley Cyrus to be his valentine. But when she responded, he clearly wasn’t ready.

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Following his remarkable comeback win over Maki Pitolo at UFC 258, Julian Marquez lit upon a fun idea. Instead of using his post-fight interview to call out a future opponent for a fight that probably wouldn’t even get booked, he took his time on the mic and used it to ask pop mega-star Miley Cyrus to be his valentine.

“I’ve been waiting 31 months to get on this damn mic and call these people out right now,” Marquez said. “It’s my time to shine. So, Miley Cyrus, will you be my valentine!?”

And shockingly, the answer was ‘Yes.’ Or at least near enough. The former Disney Channel teen idol posted a reply on social media telling Marquez to “shave an MC into your chest hair, and I am YOURS.”

Obviously, Marquez followed through, posted the pics, and rode the wave of viral media success to its darling meet cute conclusion? Right?


Instead Marquez tried to one-up his own request. Asking that Cyrus get a henna tattoo of his ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ nickname across her stomach. And, as former UFC double-champ and current cage-side commentator Daniel Cormier explained on a recent episode of his DC & Helwani web-show, that’s where the dream died.

“You come and give a demand to Miley Cyrus, Julian Marquez?” Cormier said (transcript via “It was a blunder, because now it’s over. It’s over. She’s not engaging anymore, it’s over. She’s like ‘well, I gave the UFC guy a Tweet. I gave the guy an opportunity…’ If he had [shaved ‘MC’ into his chest hair], she would have responded, she would have Retweeted it, she would have talked about it. But now…

“This is the action of a guy that’s never had a girlfriend,” Cormier continued. “I don’t think Julian Marquez has ever had a girlfriend in his life. You don’t see stuff like that. You got the cool girl! You got the belle of the ball to respond. All you’ve got to do is go and shave the ‘MC’, and the moment you take the picture you can just shave it all off and it’ll grow back in two days. But instead, you make a demand to Miley Cyrus.

“I crumbled for the poor guy,” Cormier concluded. “I literally died inside for the poor guy. Julian, you blew it. He’s a nice guy, but he blew it.”

Fortunately for Marquez, while he may not have walked away from UFC 258 with his dream date, he at least picked up an extra $50,000 in bonus money. Perhaps that will soothe the burn of regret or, at the very least, get him a good pen razor and another chance to shoot his shot.

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